The Joint Nail or Cap Nail is a steel prismatic key for the assembly of two pieces of wood designed and manufactured in France, composed of a blade and two sharp and converging wings.

The joint-nail is self-locking and is used in all types of miter-cut wood whose strength and appearance can compete with conventional bonded joints. The assembly with a joint nail is strong and durable.

Quality control and traceability

At each stage of production, we have specific controls:
  • Control of the raw material (grade, thickness, bandwidth)
  • Static dimensional control of the geometry of the key during manufacture made by a periodic sampling after the validation of the first part produced
  • Final inspection concerning the number of cartons on a pallet, identification, date of production

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CAP 115x17mm
CAP 100x17mm
CAP 090x17mm
CAP 075x17mm
CAP 060x17mm
CAP 050x17mm
CAP 040x14mm

We can on request propose other dimensions in width 14MM, do not hesitate to consult us.

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